Email deliverability - I'm not receiving emails.


By Lesley Sim

updated about 1 month ago

Email delivery can be tricky and frustrating. 

In fact, this is why we connect to and send emails using email service providers (ESPs), rather than do it ourselves. This means that most email deliverability issues you encounter in this case are from your email service provider.

Here are some things you can check

1. Check if your email has been sent

Head to Posts > All posts where you can find the Newsletter status column. 

If you've only sent one email, you should see the status in the column. 

If you've sent multiple emails, click view log to see the sent status of each email.

Follow this doc for additional help if the delivery status shows:

Assuming your email was successfully sent, and you see the green sent status, here are some other things you can do... 

2. Wait a little longer

Sometimes emails get stuck, and take awhile to arrive in your inbox. In worse case scenarios, it might take an hour. 

However, your email should typically arrive in less than 10 minutes. If you still can't find it, there might be something else going on...

3. Search your inbox

Sometimes emails get lost in spam or a hidden folder. Simply search your inbox with keywords from that email (or your email address) and see if it shows up. 

You can learn more from your ESPs about why emails go into spam or the promotions folder:

4. Learn more from your email service provider (ESP) about common email deliverability problems.

If the email was sent, and you've waited and searched and still can't find it... then you might have an email deliverability issue from your ESP. Learn more from them, or follow up with them directly.

5. If none of the above solved your problem, there might be a bug or conflict.

Please get in touch with us by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right hand corner and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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