Save drafts - When sending test emails some content doesn't appear


By Lesley Sim

updated 22 days ago

Test emails are sent based on the last saved draft.

If you haven't published your post yet

The best way to ensure your test email always contains your most recent changes is to save draft before sending a test email.

Why doesn't it automatically send my most recent changes?

Newsletter Glue can only send content that's been saved.

WordPress has a decent autosave function, so you often won't notice it saving your changes in the background.

But if you send a test email before WordPress has autosaved your post, then your test email won't include your most recent changes.

If you notice your test email is missing your latest changes, simply save draft and send your test email again.

If you have already published your post

Don't click Send newsletter again until you're ready to send a new post when you click Update.

Instead, make all your changes first, click Update, and only then click Send newsletter again. From there, you will be able to send a test post with your latest changes.

Then, the next time you click Update, your post will immediately be sent out.

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